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Glass recycling

Reintroduction of high quality raw materials to the economic cycle

The term waste glass does not actually do justice to the high-quality raw material that is behind container glass such as broken glass bottles, jars and equivalent waste. Like metal, glass can be recycled any number of times and this recycled glass does not lose quality in the recycling process. And that's just one benefit of glass recycling. In addition to the recovery of precious raw material and reducing waste, the focus is on saving energy. By reprocessing recycled glass and cullet, up to 30% energy can be saved for the production of new glass bottles and new products such as glass packaging. Important for the efficient recycling of waste glass is the sorting, segregating and processing of the contaminated glass fractions – which is why at TRENNSO-TECHNIK® we made it our task to best support you in the procedure of reprocessing and recycling any glass from jars to bottles.

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Glass fraction processing made highly efficient –Recycling with TRENNSO-TECHNIK®

Perfectly recyclable input glass material for re-melting is sorted by grain size and type, and clean from any contamination. At TRENNSO-TECHNIK® , we offer you a separating technology that is nothing less than a state-of-the art solution for high-quality glass waste processing and recycling. Our processing machines for glass waste and production waste from glass manufacturing are designed to separate glass by chemical composition. By this, our machines  ensure a high purity level of the glass fractions for further sorting steps based on drying, filtering, sifting and density sorting. We design individual multi-stage systems to assure top-notch purities of the end product of glass cullets for our customer. With TRENNSO-TECHNIK®, the quality of the recycled glass is comparable to the initial glass product – that's how glass recycling with technology made by TRENNSO-TECHNIK® is an everlasting win-win situation not only for our customers, but also for the environment. By reusing a precious raw material, reducing waste, saving energy in the melting process and saving energy and water thanks to our special dry-separating process, glass recycling becomes game-changing and sustainable innovation. Should you have any questions regarding the efficient separating, processing and recycling of waste glass, don’t hesitate to contact us . Our specialists are more than happy to assist you and support any inquiries including tests in our Technology Centre. Tel. +49-7309-9620-0, Mail