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Operating principle

The material to be screened is fed into a free-floating screening box via a distribution unit. This is suspended by steel ropes in a sturdy steel frame with a dust-tight design. The screens can be pulled out of the screening layer level from the front. The screen layer length is divided into segments. This results in minimum space requirements for replacing screens.

Continual screen cleaning is based on cleaning of the spherical bottom. The coverings range from perforated plates to fine-meshed fabrics. The screen surface is kept open by a rubber ball cleaning system. The screening box is horizontally vibrated by an electric motor.

As special equipment, the screening machine has external screen outlets which allow very good accessibility.

The screen can also be connected to an aspiration system. Among other things, ascending sifters and magnets are available as additional equipment for direct attachment.


The machine sorts bulk materials into different grain sizes through its variable screen design. The products must be free-flowing and should not exceed a certain moisture limit.


Depending on the individual application or abrasiveness of the material to be separated, various wear housing versions are available, e.g. HARDOX, PU, stainless steel, ceramics. Complete design in stainless steel as well as surface treatments according to requirements are also available.