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Efficient separation of foreign materials

Mica is still a sought-after raw material today. As it withstands temperatures of over 600 ยฐC, mica is preferably used as an electric insulator, e.g. as a carrier material for heating wires in soldering irons, in toasters or electric cookers.

Mica as a versatile raw material

As a board material, it is used in shipbuilding, building construction and in the production of chimneys, but also as a substrate for self-organising monolayers and as a matrix in atomic force microscopy.

Due to these and other fields of application, mica is a sought-after raw material, which, however, can only be further processed in pure form.

TRENNSO-TECHNIKยฎ is specialised in the development of customer-specific solutions for the separation of foreign materials in bulk goods such as mica.