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Cyclones - For pneumatic separation Conveyor systems for efficient discharge results

Cyclone separators for pneumatic particle discharge

As a modular addition to our treatment plants, our product range includes suitable cyclone separators, centrifugal separators or dust separators for discharging particulates with adjustable flow rates, easy-to-handle inlets, efficient rotation and a high collection efficiency. The cyclone filters from TRENNSO- TECHNIK® remove products such as solid particles or liquid particles, for example dust particles, extraordinarily efficiently from pneumatic volume flows, gas streams or particle mixtures via suction. Cyclones are separators that work by using centrifugal forces as a separation method, which are created by generating a draught or a vortex airflow inside the cyclone. Thus, by means of the cyclone separator or dust collector, fine particles can be separated from the aerial flow with relatively little effort and collected in containers. Cyclone separators are particularly well known in industry for their wide range of applications. A centrifugal force separator by TRENNSO-TECHNIK® plays an important part when it comes to discharging dust or particulate matter by using the power of aerial flow velocity and specific inertia.

Tailor-made, fluid and reliable cyclonic separation of all particulates

The cyclone separator housing and the cyclones themselves can optionally be supplied in stainless steel on request. Our expert staff will support you not only in the purchase advice of your cyclone separator, but also in the assembly and correct installation of the cyclone in order for it to effectively separate particulates of all particle sizes. In addition, you have the chance to experience a large variation of our TRENNSO- TECHNIK® systems, including our cyclone separators, live and in action in our in-house Technology Centre – as we value the power of demonstration over simulation and merely virtual cyclonic models.

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Cyclones for pneumatic conveying, separating and dosing of

  • Dust and dirt with fine particulates as well as coarse particles
  • Fine-grained or fibrous products
  • Liquid as well as solid particles
  • Particles with varying densities and measurements

Modular supplement for processing plants: Cyclone filters

Our pneumatic extraction systems, such as the cyclone separator, also have a particularly robust and low-maintenance design that skillfully combines economy and functionality in their application. We design and manufacture custom-fit solutions for your cyclonic separator requirements. The TRENNSO-TECHNIK® engineering department will create an individual cyclone with an optimal volumetric flow rate for your operation and separation needs.

Do you have any questions about cyclone separators or are you looking for more detailed information about our machines in the field of dust extraction and particle separation?

TRENNSO-TECHNIK® is your competent contact around the topic of cyclones and particle filtration. Make an appointment now and let one of our cyclone specialists advise you on any particulate matter.

We look forward to hearing from you! Your TRENNSO-TECHNIK® Team

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