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Drum screening machine by TRENNSO-TECHNIK®

Operating principle

Functionality of the drum screen

Cylindrical drum screens, also called trommel or rotary screens, filter, separate and screen various materials in different sizes via a perforation in the so-called drum screen. Typical application areas of trommel screens are waste, compost or recycling facilities; especially in many fields of the solid-waste processing industry it is common equipment. The waste or material to be screened is fed into the trommel screen or directly into the rotating drum screen basket by means of a feed screw, conveyor belt, elevator or vibrating chute. The meshing of the screening drum ranges from coarse perforated plates or rather panels with stainless steel mesh to mesh panels with fine mesh perforation for particularly fine screening. A built-in spindle then conveys the material over the different screening drums. Variable speed or output of the drum thanks to an on-site frequency converter allows custom-fit separation efficiency, according to individual specifications and different kinds of waste or material. Additionally, the inclination of the trommel screen can be variably adjusted from high to low, depending on the design.

Various sizes and cleaning options

Depending on the design of the trommel and the trommel screen, separation and screening in up to four output sizes is possible. Generous maintenance covers on the trommel screen make it easy to clean the individual screen clothing panels and change them if necessary. Tailor-made cleaning options can be offered, depending on the application of the screens – for example cleaning rollers are available as well as permanent compressed air cleaning of the screening area.

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Application of our drum screening machine

The drum screen sorts the bulk materials into different grain sizes due to its variable design of the screening drum. As a requirement to achieve a suitable result, the products must be free-flowing in order to keep up ideal flow rates and rotation of the trommel and should not exceed a certain moisture limit with regard to the trommel screen. These requirements ensure the high quality processing of the material with our drum screens.

Customize your TRENNSO-TECHNIK® screen drum

On request, continuous cleaning via cleaning rollers as well as permanent compressed air cleaning of the screening trommel and the trommel filter are available. Complete design of the entire machine as well as the drum and the drum screen in stainless steel are available as well as surface finishings according to your individual requirements and specifications. Are you interested in one of our highly efficient drum screens for dry-separating processes or do you have questions about technical data of the machine?

Contact us via e-mail or call us for a non-binding consultation on our trommel screens. In addition, we offer our customers the possibility to inspect and test our machines, such as screening plants, in the in-house Technology Centre of TRENNSO-TECHNIK®. This way you can get an idea of the machines and separators yourself.

We are looking forward to your enquiry! Your TRENNSO-TECHNIK® Team. 

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