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Recycling plants by TRENNSO-TECHNIK®

Recycling of important raw materials

The growing world population produces more and more waste. Increasing consumption leads to long-term depletion of raw materials. Tonnes of plastic and other materials end up on waste disposal sites each year. To preserve the environment and sources of raw materials for future generations, it is key to recycle the reusable material we often send to landfills prematurely. TRENNSO-TECHNIK® designs and manufactures machines as well as turnkey recycling facilities and plants as a sustainable solution for the recycling industry. Whether it is for the reuse and reprocessing of plastic, packaging, electronic cables, electronic waste, non-ferrous metals or different types of waste, recycling is worthwile – not only with regard to environmental issues, but as well driven by the increasing prices of copper and other materials.

Glass, wood, tyres, cables, plastics, gypsum? To recycle is to improve!

TRENNSO-TECHNIK® recycling machines and plants can be found in the recycling of artificial turf, waste wood, waste gypsum and tyre recycling. Our recycling plants ensure the highest quality of of the recycled secondary raw material, while saving energy and water. This is due to the dry separation process our machines and systems use in order to recycle.
Recycling plants by TRENNSO-TECHNIK® contribute to a better future by ensuring high efficiency in all recycling processes. Our recycling machines and plants are designed in accordance with the latest standards for suitable applications of material recycling. By processing municipal solid waste as well as industrial waste, we can support facilities to reduce the waste disposal via landfill.

Pioneering dry separation processes and recycling systems from TRENNSO-TECHNIK®

Our machines and systems are designed in accordance with the latest standards for a full range of material recycling applications, making modern waste management easy and efficient.

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TRENNSO-TECHNIK®’s product range includes systems for the recycling of the following recyclable materials:

  • Electrical and electronic waste
  • Electrical and electronic equipment (e. g. cables)
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Municipal and industrial waste, compost - Waste glass
  • Scrap tyres
  • Waste wood
  • Gypsum

  • Artificial turf
  • Various plastic waste (e. g. polyethylene terephthalate bottles and other plastic materials or plastic products) 

Solutions to save raw materials, energy and money

TRENNSO-TECHNIK®’s design and engineering department are specialised in advanced recycling facilities and plants. Our machinery supports our customers in regaining valuable materials from plastics, cables, electronic waste and any kind of waste material that can be processed on our recycling machines. Since our plants and technologies use a dry separating process in order to recycle, we are considerate towards the environment and energy consumption. Specific feasibility tests of our recycling equipment can also be carried out in our in-house Technology Centre.

For initial consultation and any enquiries regarding recycling plants, please get in touch. TRENNSO-TECHNIK®, the pioneers in dry separation processes for the recycling industry, are happy to help: Tel. +49-7309-9620-0, mail