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Recycling of important raw materials

Each of the regularly published numbers clearly expresses one thing: The immense potential of recycling as a global economic factor. Based on standards and laws, the volume of raw material recovery is constantly increasing. The forecasts for natural resources and the demand for them require pioneering, sustainable solutions. We contribute to the solution – TRENNSO-TECHNIK® recycling systems for a sustainable future!

In the recycling sector, the quality of the secondary raw materials should be as close as possible to that of the original condition and recovery should also be carried out in an energy-saving way. This is where separating and sorting of the various waste types starts, in the dry separation process, whose technology is the world of TRENNSO-TECHNIK®.

Pioneering dry separation processes and recycling systems from TRENNSO-TECHNIK®.

Our machines and systems are designed in accordance with the latest standards for various applications of material recycling.

Our product range includes systems for the recycling of

  • Electrical and electronic waste
  • Electrical and electronic cables
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Municipal and industrial waste, compost
  • Waste glass
  • Scrap tyre
  • Waste wood
  • Gypsum
  • Artificial turf
  • Various plastic waste (e. g. PET bottles)

Zukunftsweisende Trockentrennverfahren und Recyclinganlagen von TRENNSO-TECHNIK®.

Unsere Maschinen und Recyclinganlagen werden nach neuestem Standard auf verschiedene Anwendungsbereiche der Wertstoffaufbereitung ausgelegt. Entdecken Sie unsere Lösungen im Bereich Recycling in unserem Maschinen-Produktportfolio.

Zu unserem Recyclinganlagen - Produktportfolio gehören u. a. Anlagen und Maschinen zur Aufbereitung von

Sie haben eine Frage zum Thema Recycling von Materialien und Abfällen wie Kunststoff, Altglas oder Altholz mit Hilfe unserer Recyclinganlagen und Maschinen?
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TRENNSO-TECHNIK® - Ihr Hersteller für Recyclinganlagen und Maschinen.

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