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Pneumatic conveying for pressureless discharge and dosing Recycling of important raw materials

Wherever bulk goods are to be discharged with a constant throughput, rotary valves from TRENNSO-TECHNIK® are used. The pneumatic conveying units are also suitable for reliable metered discharge and feeding of a certain number of products. For shutting off containers and cyclones rotating valves are a reliable and safe solution. The material to be conveyed by the valve should be dust, powder or some kind of granular good, whichever is best for the particular cellular wheel or rotor.

Pneumatic conveying and metering of various materials with the properties of

  • Dust material
  • Powder
  • Granulates

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Rotating valves for applications in recycling, food industry or bulk goods handling

Classic areas of application for our rotary valves range from zig-zag sifters, cyclones and silos (e. g. pellet silos) to bunkers for processing in the recycling, bulk materials or food industries. The rotary valves are installed, for example, upstream and downstream of zig-zag sifters, trough screw conveyors, trough chain conveyors or screw conveyors in general. Apart from a uniform and continuous discharge, their task is to dampen the pressure of the silo material and ensure air exclusion – which is why they are also called rotary airlock valves. The rotary valve is also used under filters or cyclones. Bulk materials can be removed from pneumatic systems with the lowest possible pressure loss.

Function and design of our rotary valve dischargers

The functionality of rotary valves as a sealed pneumatic conveying system is based on a rotor, the so-called cellular wheel. This special component of the rotary valve rotates in a precisely fitting housing. When the rotary system is used, each rotor cell takes in bulk material through the rotary valve, which then is blown through by the rotor and drops through again via the valve's outlet. This results in a volumetric continuous conveying of the components.

Special designs of rotary valves by TRENNSO-TECHNIK®

  • Housing, rotor and airlock made of stainless steel
  • Replaceable stainless steel lock buckets
  • Various material design of the valve's rubber lips
  • Wide range of wear protection solutions as required, e. g. valves can be reinforced with particularly hard and tough HARDOX steel
  • Openings in the rotary valve for professional maintenance and installation of possible spare parts
  • Rotation valve designs according to ATEX directives

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