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Air classifiers for different applications

Wind sifters for various areas of application

The quick and efficient way of particle separation and processing

In TRENNSO-TECHNIK®'s machine range for air separation or classifier technology you can find two versions of classifiers, which are designed for different separating processes. With our high-efficiency air classifiers you can easily classify bulk materials, coarse materials and raw materials of different weights and sizes using air for the processing. Whether in municipal recycling centres, the automotive recycling process, food industry, pharmaceutical industry or cosmetics production – air classifiers are an important part of the recycling process and the reliable separation even of ultra-fine particles.

Put the power of air to the test

Would you like to field-test our air classification systems? Visit our Technology Centre for practical classification trials to define the optimum process technology including machine design of our air classifiers:

Functionality of the wind sifter ZZS

The bulk material enters the zig-zag classifier via the pneumatic rotary valve. The air generated by the rotors then flows through the machine from bottom to top. Through the air flow, the bulk material is flushed and the heavier material  is separated from the lighter particles.

Functionality of the air classifier QSS

The material to be separated is added to the drop chute of the cross-flow sifter via a vibrating conveyor chute. Processed by an air stream from the blower, which flows horizontally through the classifier, the material gets lifted and classified. The medium is thus deflected according to its specific weight and the light particles such as powder or dust are separated from the heavy parts and more coarse particles.

Versions of TRENNSO-TECHNIK® air classifiers

Depending on the application or abrasiveness of the material and particles to be separated, there are various wear lining options for the components in order to make our classifiers more wear-resistant, such as HARDOX, PU, stainless steel or ceramic. In addition, we can provide you with complete stainless steel designs and surface finishes to suit your air classification requirements.

Do you have a question about air classifiers, wind sifters or the corresponding technical data? Are you still looking for a suitable classification system or air classifier for your recycling process and separation of even the finest particles?

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