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Vibration screening machine SIS

Functionality of the vibrating screen machine

Operating mode of our highly efficient equipment for vibration screening

First, the material to be screened is fed into the screening box of the screening machine via a distribution device. This is mounted on a solid steel frame with steel springs which the machine is equipped with, and is dust-tight. The drive of the vibrating screen machine is generated by two eccentric motors. The screen box inside the machine is get to vibrating by two overhead motors. The sheer movement of the screen box uses the gravitational force to separate the screenings. The sieves are inserted in the sieve box and can be easily changed thanks to the unique swivel mechanism of the machine.

Two screening layers for on-point separation

The vibration screening machine SIS consists of two screen layers without an open screening surface as standard equipment.
The upper screening layer is a solid 3D honeycomb screen, the lower sieve layer is a PU tension shaft. Driven by the vibrating motors, particles with a high fineness and coarse granules are separated during screening. The vibrating screen sizes and the mesh hole sizes are of course freely selectable, depending on your individual separation requirements. The SIS vibration screening machine is therefore a suitable separator for bulk materials of different grain sizes. This screening machine can be used for applications in different industries, from recycling to food processing and bulk material processing.

Versatile vibrating screens for a variety of applications and materials

Depending on the product, the amplitude of the vibrating screens and speed as well es acceleration of the screening machine can be freely varied. This ensures an optimal throughput rate and an exact classifying of the material to be screened. The screen can also be connected to aspiration system equipment. Due to its variable screen design, the vibrating screen sorts bulk materials into different particle sizes. The products must be free-flowing and should not exceed a certain moisture limit. Wet screening is not possible with this vibration screening equipment. If you have questions regarding the suitability of your material to be sieved with one of our vibration screening machines, our experts will be happy to help.

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Variants of the vibrating screening machine SIS

The screening machine is available in different widths and lengths. Depending on the application or abrasiveness of the material to be separated, different wear lining variants are available, e. g. HARDOX, PU, stainless steel. Complete design in stainless steel as well as surface finishes according to requirements are also available for our machines. As a long-standing manufacturer of numerous screening machines and vibrating screening machines in particular, we are the right contact for you. We support you quickly, reliably and even with special requirements we can assist our customers with our expertise, relevant information and suitable offers for providing you with high screening efficiency.
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