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TRENNSO-TECHNIK® stands for innovative and sustainable solutions in the field of separating and sorting bulk goods, food and recycling material. An important process component in the optimization of our customer-specific plants and modules is the company's own technology centre at our location in Weißenhorn. In this fully equipped test facility, all desired results can be tested in terms of separation technology feasibility under real conditions.

Recycling plants and machines from TRENNSO-TECHNIK® are custom-made, sustainable solutions in an efficient dry separation process. Innovative technology, robust construction and our decades of know-how combine to produce the best possible result.

The technology centre was built in 2016 and has been continuously expanded since then in order to be able to use the latest machines and new developments for tests and improvements. Annually an average of 180 tests are made, with customers being present during the attempt in almost half of the cases. Thanks to comprehensive, detailed documentation, participation in the experiment is not compulsory. The complete test facility from TRENNSO-TECHNIK® is located in a closed hall, which guarantees a discrete and weather-independent test implementation.

The team at TRENNSO-TECHNIK® is looking forward to your request. Our form request of use clarifies all important points in advance. Alternatively, please feel free to call +49-7309/96 20-0 or send us an email at

Request of use

Technical Equipment

Density Sorting Technology:
  • 8 Separating Tables TTS of different machine sizes from 300/1000 to 1200/1600
Wind Sifter Technology:
  • 3 ZZS Wind Sifters of different sizes
  • QSS Cross-flow Sifter
Screening Technology:
  • SIK Screening Machines
  • SIS vertical Screening Machine
  • TSM Drum Screening Machine
  • RSM Roller Disc Star Screen
Shredding Technology:
  • Hammermill
  • Granulator
  • Turbo Mill (Fine Impact Mill)
Further System Components:
  • different magnet levels from 1,250 - 4,000 Gauss
  • non-ferrous Metal Separator
  • Conveying and Dosing Technology
  • Pneumatic Conveyor Systems
  • Complete Dedusting system
  • BigBag filling stations
  • Photo documentation systems

Frequent questions & answers about our technology centre

Which products are suitable for tests in the technology centre?

  • The tests in the TRENNSO-TECHNIK® technology centre run with bulk goods, recycling material and food. Since we work with a dry separation process, the material should not exceed a certain degree of moisture and should be free-flowing. If you have any questions about the general suitability of your source material, please do not hesitate to contact us.

When can tests be carried out with our product?

  • For a specific appointment, please use our request of use. Or just give us a call in advance, then we can give you a time estimate of the occupancy of the technology centre.

How is the trial carried out?

  • The best preparation is a usage request that is as completely filled out as possible. That's how we get to know the specifications of your material and can configure the test system accordingly.
  • The objective must also be clarified in advance. Delivery and return or further transport are also taken into account in the usage request. Please inform us if a company representative wants to take part in the trial.

What happens to the processed test material?

  • Usually material is delivered in big bags or boxes on pallets. As the customer, you determine in advance what should happen to the material after the test (return / onward transport). TRENNSO-TECHNIK® does not assume any costs for transport, disposal, storage and return / onward transport of the test material.
  • If the material has not been collected 4 weeks after the attempt, or if no attempt has been carried out, TRENNSO-TECHNIK® reserves the right to dispose of the material at the customer's expense.

Are special protective measures necessary to participate in the experiment?

  • TRENNSO-TECHNIK® provides an experienced specialist to carry out the tests and provide safety instructions. Naturally, dust can develop in the technology centre, so please ensure that you wear appropriate clothing and footwear.
  • Any protective equipment necessary will be provided by TRENNSO-TECHNIK®.

Can tests also be carried out with material with a hazard potential?

  • You are welcome to give us a call in advance to determine the exact suitability of your material for carrying out tests in our technology centre. In general, however, the material must not pose any risk of explosion or contamination.

How does the material have to be pretreated?

  • The material should be a typical example of the material you will use later. If it has been pretreated, please let us know e.g. the shredding technology used. The specification in the usage request also includes information on the grain size, moisture content and specific weight in the material description.
  • With this information, the best possible configuration of the test facility and a reliable forecast can be made.

Is it possible to get documentation of the trial?

  • All tests are uniformly documented. This includes photos as well as test reports with regard to quantities, particle size distributions and machine settings. This detailed documentation will later serve as the basis for possible system dimensions.

Technology Centre Videos

Videos of various separated materials from our technology centre
Recycling glass with organic - Wind Sifter ZZS
Wood Chips - Wind Sifter ZZS
Plastics PP/PE with impurities - Wind Sifter ZZS
Recycling copper/aluminium radiators - Separating Table TTS
Glass recycling 1-2,5 mm - Separating Table TTS
MRF Glass - Separating Table TTS
Cable recycling 0-1 mm - Separating Table TTS
Copper plastic recycling 0-2 mm - Separating Table TTS
Cable recycling - Separating Table TTS