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Screening and sieving technology

Screening machines for classification of granular and floury products

Reliable results with reliable equipment

A major pillar in the separation and screening process of granular and floury materials or powder products with fine particles are screening and sieving machines. High-performance screening technology with and different types of screening machines as individual solution for each customer is among other products one of our core technologies. Each screening machine is designed solely to meet the specific needs of a certain screening or sieving application, efficiently processing any applicable material. As a basic principle, sieving and screening machines from TRENNSO-TECHNIK® consist of different sieves for particle separation that vibrate and separate the material via the different hole sizes of the sieve mesh which is why the sieve is also called vibratory sieve.

Screening and sieving machines for any given sieving task

The particular design of the sieving machine and its mesh depends on the machine's application range. The recycling industry has other machine requirements than the food industry regarding wear, hygiene and cleaning, abrasiveness of the equipment and components etc. Our specialists at TRENNSO-TECHNIK® know exactly which material for the machine's screen, dimensions, wear lining variants and hole sizes are the best solutions for any given task from recycling to food processing, no matter how grainy the product or powder material to vibrate and screen might be.

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Individually designed screening and sieving machines for dry materials

Sieving and screening machines from TRENNSO-TECHNIK® are convincing screening technology, not only in regards of the choice and user-friendly as well as efficient design of high-quality screens. The machine and its usability, easy accessibility in terms of maintenance and service are also aspects that show the experience of TRENNSO-TECHNIK® regarding engineering and manufacturing of screening equipment. Sieving machines from TRENNSO-TECHNIK® are custom-made, individually to match our customers' machine needs. The screens our sieving machines use for vibrating and sieving range from perforated plates to fabrics with a fine-meshed surface. If the material to be sieved is pourable and dry, the product quality of our screening machines ensures an efficient outcome for recycling, food, bulk materials, sinter or powder materials and other applications. Screening machines made by TRENNSO-TECHNIK® consist of high-quality materials such as stainless steel, HARDOX, PU and ceramics. According to your sieving machine requirements, a complete design of our sieving machines in stainless steel is also available.
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