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Operating principle

Via the inlet, the material to be separated is deposited on the distribution unit and working screen via the inlet, which is driven via an eccentric. The inclination of the Screening Box is variably adjustable. Air is fed through the material to be separated via a pressure blower attached below the screening box. The light particles are thus fluidised and separated from the heavy particles. Depending on the screen motion and inclination as well as the air throughput, the heavier particles are transported up through the screen to the heavy fraction outlet and the lighter particles downwards to the light fraction outlet. The output of the pressure blower and the speed of the eccentric can be controlled electronically.

The exhaust air is cleaned via a downstream filter unit and can be fed back into the machine (air recirculation).


The machine separates a wide variety of bulk materials according to their specific weight and shape. The products must be free-flowing and should not exceed a certain moisture limit.


Depending on the individual application or abrasiveness of the material to be separated, various wear housing versions are available, e.g. HARDOX, PU, stainless steel.

Complete design in stainless steel as well as surface treatments according to requirements are also available.