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Belt conveyors by TRENNSO-TECHNIK®

Range of application of our belt conveyors for gentle transport Conveyor systems for efficient discharge results

High-versatility belt conveying systems for gentle transport

The application areas of conveyors with a belt are as varied as their specific designations. In general conveyor belts are also known as chain conveyor. These conveyors differ in the technology or the construction and the area in which they are used. The field of application of our conveying systems is extremely versatile and most of them are suitable for use in the industry. TRENNSO-TECHNIK® conveyors are suitable for the horizontal or inclined transport of powdery, granular or coarse bulk materials in large quantities and different weights or bulk densities. Our belt conveying systems are especially used as a solution for handling abrasive or moving sensitive products. The advantage of belts over other conveying techniques is that this way of pneumatic conveying is transporting material continuously upwards like an elevator. Conveyor belts are transfer systems variable in length and width, which is why these conveyors are highly popular for transporting different materials.

Custom-fit designs for custom-fit handling and processing

Designs of our conveyor belts are possible in many different variations, such as flat belts, troughed belts, kinked belts or metering belts. The conveyors of TRENNSO-TECHNIK® are driven by an electric gear motor on the toothed belts, thus the belt speed can be variably adjusted according to your wishes and applications. In addition, all of our belt conveying systems and conveyors are individually adaptable to be your custom-made conveying solution.

Conveyor belts – Equipment for a reliable pneumatic conveying process

If your industry is depending on a reliable, ongoing and efficient transport of material, you should consider using the pneumatic power of belt conveying machines. Being tailor-made with high-quality materials such as long-lasting steel, conveying solutions by TRENNSO-TECHNIK® make an indispensable contribution to your transport process. The handling is simple but effective. Our specialists for conveying systems will be happy toi advise you on the optimum requirements of the material to be transported. Together we will find the best conveyor belt solution for your purposes.

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Improve your conveying with the belt conveyor from TRENNSO-TECHNIK®

  • Horizontal or inclined transport even on steep inclines
  • Automated operation for moving powdery, granular and coarse bulk material
  • Perfect equipment for industrial use
  • High-efficiency belt conveyor for abrasive and sensitive products
  • High-quality rubber for everlasting efficiency in every phase of the transport

Conveying systems with individual conveyor belt options

  • Complete encapsulation of the conveyor belt with foldable floor
  • Reinforced design also in the material feed area of the conveyor belt to withstand high weights without any problems
  • With belt cleaning/wiper to keep the belt conveyor clean
  • Quality of the conveyor belt depending on requirements

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