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The art of efficient plastic separation

The recycling market in Germany and the EU is reaching new dimensions. The market is growing just as high as the amount of waste plastic and packaging every year. According to the Federal Environment Agency, almost 19 million tonnes of packaging waste were generated in Germany in 2018. Of this, 69 percent was recycled and a total of 96.9 percent was recovered. Included in this amount of packaging waste were over 3.2 million tonnes of recycled plastics. The share of plastic waste in household and commercial waste is also increasing every year. Reasons for this are household sizes, consumption behaviour, but also the increased mail order business contributes to the increase of plastic waste and plastic pollution from packaging material. These growing amounts of waste and packaging also increase the potential of mechanical recycling to bring materials back into circulation in form of new products made from recycled plastic. In addition to avoiding plastic waste, plastic recycling can be used to counter the trend of increasing packaging waste going to household and industrial waste bins. At TRENNSO-TECHNIK®, we bring the technical know-how to add value to your plastic recycling. Sensible recycling starts with the separation of waste in general and ends in the top class, the separation and sorting of different types of plastic from household and commercial waste or plastic recycling. In the process, the plastic should be separated purely so it can be re-used, for example, as secondary fuel. Efficient and cost-effective solutions for separating plastic from waste are offered by waste treatment plants from TRENNSO-TECHNIK®.

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Recycle plastic, relieve the environment

The EU Packaging Directive regulates recycling quotas for packaging material and plastic waste in order to support the shift towards a circular economy. In the case of plastic, 50 percent material recycling is stipulated. Since 2019, the new law requires a recycling quota of 58.5 percent for plastic packaging, with an increase to 63 percent in 2022. In order to meet this challenging quota and future recycling rates which will require even higher amounts of plastic to be recycled, the investment in new plants for waste management and plastics recycling from TRENNSO-TECHNIK® is a highly efficient solution.
Our plants ensure the recovery of various plastic types from household and commercial waste within your material recycling with environmentally friendly dry separation processes. With consideration for the environment, a wide variety of materials are separated dry in the separation process. Valuable raw materials are extracted from heterogeneous waste quantities, secondary fuels are made available for energy recovery and the final landfill space required for disposal is minimised.

TRENNSO-TECHNIK® provides solutions for the following plastic items and recycling processes:

  • Bottles made from polyethylene terephthalate
  • Thick-walled plastics (e. g. HDPE)
  • Thin-walled plastics (e. g. plastic bags)
  • Light plastics
  • Heavy plastics
  • Plastic fractions in the recycling of electronic cables

PET, PVC & CO: Plastics processing and re-use

In addition to thermal recovery, there are various options for plastics processing that plants from the manufacturer TRENNSO-TECHNIK® have been supporting for decades. The prerequisite for plastic processing is a previous separation of the different plastic materials from each other and from processed granulate. In the recycling of PET bottles, separation of foil material and PET flakes is an important requirement for the optimal recycling of PET. In the separation of PVC and PET, both plastics are successfully separated during recycling from mixed granulate by machines from TRENNSO-TECHNIK® and made available for later recycling. In this process, processing plants from TRENNSO-TECHNIK® separate the plastics for environmentally friendly recycling using, among other things, density sorting processes in the dry separation process. Based on the separation of plastic particles according to their high density or low density, various materials from the field of plastics recycling can be recycled via our plants. Whether you want to recycle thermoplastics, soiled plastics or other types of plastic waste, our mechanical recycling machines recycle your waste to a high quality and with higher environmental compatibility than chemical recycling. If you need more information about recycling technology from TRENNSO-TECHNIK®, including automatic exhaust air control, conceptual design of single components or manufacturing of complete turnkey plants, please do not hesitate to contact us. Contact us via mail or call us. We look forward to your enquiry! Your TRENNSO-TECHNIK® Team.