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Operating principle

The material to be separated is fed into the chute of the crossflow sifter via a vibrating distribution chute and distributed over the complete cross-section of the sifter. The sifter air generated by the blower flows through the sifter horizontally over the complete width of the machine, whereby the feeding material is diverted according to its specific weight and thus separated.

The material with a higher density therefore sinks faster due to the greater gravity and is discharged via the outlet. Mediumweight products are diverted via the horizontally directed air flow and discharged. Light fraction is picked up by the air flow and is removed by aspiration.

The separating steps are controlled via air valves, the positioning of the air injection chute and the air quantity. The wind sifter can be operated in exhaust air mode as well as via air recirculation. The extracted air is cleaned via a downstream filter unit or a cyclone separator.


The machine separates coarse bulk materials according to their specific weight, shape and size.


Depending on the individual application or abrasiveness of the material to be separated, various wear housing versions are available, e.g. HARDOX, PU, stainless steel, ceramics. Complete design in stainless steel as well as surface treatments according to requirements are also available.