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Trough chain conveyor and scraper chain conveyor

Trough chain and scraper chain conveyors for your conveyed goods

Scraper and trough chain conveyors belong to the family of chain conveyors. Chain conveyors with a trough are mechanical conveying systems for the continuous transport of materials such as bulk goods (continuous conveyors) and differ only minimally from scraper conveyors. In trough chain conveyors, a chain with so-called carriers runs on both sides of a closed trough. The material can be conveyed horizontally, uphill or vertically, depending on the orientation and shape of the flights. In scraper chain conveyors, the conveyor trough is open at the top. This means that the bulk material can only be conveyed with a slight incline or horizontally with the help of chains. Scraper chain machines are more suitable for smaller or lighter materials and goods such as straw or chips. The chain conveyors are a particularly suitable solution for more high-load applications and larger or bulky materials such as occurring in shredder waste, household and industrial waste.

TRENNSO-TECHNIK® Chain conveying technology – Efficient transfer system

The trough chain or scraper chain conveyors from our wide range of conveyor solutions convince by high efficiency and economy. Thanks to their particularly low-maintenance, robust properties and tensile as well as wear-resistant chains, the operating sequence of your entire recycling and processing plant benefits. Thanks to their reinforced chain drive, our trough chain and scraper chain conveyors are suitable both for electric cable processing as well as bulk and waste material processing for example of road grit or sand.

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Application of conveying technology by TRENNSO-TECHNIK®

  • Horizontal or inclined transport by chain conveyors
  • Conveyor system suitable for powdery, granular and coarse materials such as bulk goods

Tailor-made trough chain and scraper chain conveyors for all requirements and loads

Use the highly efficient chain conveyors such as trough chain conveyors and scraper chain conveyors from TRENNSO-TECHNIK® for the horizontal or inclined transport of your powdery to coarse materials and products and convince yourself of their conveying capacities. The low-maintenance conveying elements from TRENNSO-TECHNIK® are particularly suitable for sharp-edged and aggressive materials. For the use with dusty bulk materials we recommend our closed conveying systems of chain conveyors with enclosed casings.

Specially designed chain conveyor systems

  • Design in complete, almost dust-tight encapsulation
  • Reinforced chain drive
  • Wear protection, e. g. with particularly hard and tough HARDOX steel
  • Maintenance and cleaning openings
  • Easy handling of the conveyors

Do you have any questions about TRENNSO-TECHNIK® scraper or trough conveyors? Contact us by email or call us. We will give you comprehensive advice on our chain conveyors, their components and other products such as our belt conveyors.

We are looking forward to your enquiry! Your TRENNSO-TECHNIK® Team

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