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The separated material enters the zigzag classifier via a rotary valve and is distributed over the entire classifying channel cross-section. The classifying air generated by the blower flows through the classifier from bottom to top, flushing and separating the bulk material.

At each bend in the classifier channel, the product must pass through the air stream and then bounces onto the opposite classifier wall. In the process, the material with higher density sinks downwards in the classifier channel due to gravity. The light material is sucked out of the classifier channel by the upward air flow.

The air speed of the fan is adjusted by means of a frequency converter provided by the customer. For maintenance and servicing work, the zigzag classifier has maintenance doors on both sides and the rotary valves have maintenance openings.

The air classifier is adjustable in depth and can be operated in both exhaust and recirculation mode. The discharged air is cleaned by a downstream filter system or a cyclone separator.


The machine separates a wide variety of bulk materials according to their specific weight, shape and size.


Depending on the application or abrasiveness of the material to be separated, different wear lining variants are available, e.g. HARDOX, PU, stainless steel, ceramic.

Complete designs in stainless steel as well as surface finishes according to requirements are also available.