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Separation into raw material constituents and residual fractions

Approximately 650,000 tonnes of tyres are scrapped every year in Germany alone. In order to close the cycle of environmentally-friendly recycling, the individual constituents are used after processing of scrap tyres to produce new products.

TRENNSO-TECHNIK® is the specialist for the development of individual, customer-specific plants with up to 100,000 tonnes annually.

  • Highly efficient processing of scrap tyres
  • Recovery of valuable and clean raw materials / fractions, such as rubber granulate, steel, and textiles

The separation of tyres into their constituent parts of rubber, steel, textiles and residual fraction stones / foreign materials forms one of our core competencies in the area of tyre recycling. The high degrees of purity of the individual fractions on the one hand and minimum losses on the other ensure additional profits for our customers.