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SIK – Let's sift bulk material



The XXL version is one of the largest machines in the TRENNSO-TECHNIK® product portfolio: The SIK screening machine.
Screening machines from TRENNSO-TECHNIK® are efficient in the classification of granular and floury bulk materials of different grain sizes. A certain moisture content should not be exceeded. The size of the SIK sometimes exceeds one or the other small car.

4200 mm - the long journey on the screen

The SIK screening machine is manufactured individually in terms of design and dimensions according to customer requirements. From the smallest SIK 500/1200-1 to the currently largest SIK 2000/4200-5, we cover all customer-specific solutions. The free-flowing bulk material goes on a four-meter-long journey over the screening section. At the end there is efficient separation into a maximum of 6 screen fractions.

From cable recycling to slag processing

A SIK sifts dry bulk goods. If they are free-flowing and the raw material is up to 40 mm in size, our screening machine reliably does its job. The SIK screening machine is often used for separating in

  • glass recycling
  • cable recycling
  • slag processing
  • non-ferrous metals
  • waste wood

and many other applications.

Screening machines from TRENNSO-TECHNIK® correspond in their efficiency to the steadily increasing quality demands of industrial recycling. This makes it a valuable component in the recycling and process of recovering high-quality secondary raw materials such as copper and other non-ferrous metals.

SIK - sift dry and dust-tight

The material to be screened reaches the uppermost screen box via a distribution device. The screen boxes are suspended freely and are dustproof. An electric motor causes the screen boxes to vibrate horizontally. The separated fractions of the screen layers run into the screen outlets attached at the end or at the bottom. There the sieved bulk material can e. g. be fed to further process steps or transported for packaging or loading. Find the schematic functionality of a SIK screening machine here in the video:

Screen change - safe and convenient

The individual screen layers are removed from the machine separately in segments from the rear. All screen layers have a rubber ball cleaning system in order to continuously clean the screens in the process and thus to guarantee the screen quality. The equipment is customer-specific: From the coarse perforated sheet to the fine-meshed fabric, 0.1 mm to 30 mm, in standard round holes or square meshes as well as in sieve specifications specially developed by TRENNSO-TECHNIK®, everything is possible. Based on years of experience plus possible trials in the TRENNSO technology center, we configure the most efficient screen inserts for every suitable material.

Options and accessories for screening machines

Our SIK sccreening machine can also be connected to an aspiration system.
The pneumatic screen clamping is new as an optional safety feature and for further time savings when changing the screen. If desired, this can also be integrated into the overall control of the system. This ensures that the machine only works when all screens are fixed.
HARDOX, PU, stainless steel and ceramic can be selected as wear linings. A complete version in stainless steel and surface treatments of the SIK screening machine that meet the requirements are also available.

Screening technology made by TRENNSO-TECHNIK®

In addition to the SIK, there are other efficient screening solutions in screening technology from TRENNSO-TECHNIK®. Whether the TSM, RSS or SIS models - what all of our screening machines have in common is that we find the optimal solution for our customers' tasks. On request as a single machine or integrated into a turnkey system, which TRENNSO-TECHNIK® also designs, produces and delivers for customers operating around the world.
The optimal system configuration is supported by 3D-CAD in engineering and trained, experienced employees. Our system designs are regularly confirmed by findings that we gain through tests in our in-house technology center.

Questions about sorting technology? Call TRENNSO-TECHNIK®!

If you have any questions about screening technology from TRENNSO-TECHNIK® or would like to book an appointment in the technology center, we are here for you: Tel. + 49-7309-9620-0