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Extraction of raw materials for professionals


A treasure is slumbering under the plastic skin – at least when it comes to shredder cables and cable recycling. Between February and April 2020 TRENNSO-TECHNIK® has installed a turnkey processing plant for cable recycling for an english customer. The two-stage system includes all shredding levels, up to the detailed separation of the cables, the plastics from metal fractions, and the separation of red metals (copper!) and light metals (aluminium). 

The turnkey system was of course delivered and installed including all steel structures and controls. The throughput is at least 3 tons per hour and projected for a 3-shift operation. System availability is higher than 90 %. Here you actually get pretty close to the license of printing money… You can rely on TRENNSO-TECHNIK® if you want highly efficient processing.

Questions about sorting technology? Call TRENNSO-TECHNIK®!

If you have questions about pour sorting technology such as our screening technology or density sorting technology, we will be happy to inform you about our machine portfolio. Special feasibility enquiries can be carried out in real terms by means of trials in the TRENNSO-TECHNIK® technical centre in Weißenhorn. Our trained team will be happy to assist you in the technical centre by prior appointment.
We are looking forward to your task: Phone +49-7309-9620-0 or send an email 

By the way: You can also find information and news about TRENNSO-TECHNIK on our FACEBOOK page at any time.