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[Translate to EN:] Viele Kräuter in Schalen verteilt.


Highly productive cleaning processes

The separation of heavy materials and impurities in the processing of tea, herbs and spices is regarded by specialists as the supreme discipline. Careful treatment of the products is paramount for the basic design here.

TRENNSO-TECHNIK® has comprehensive experience in the separation and sorting of foodstuffs with a purity result of 100 %.

With wind sifter modules from TRENNSO-TECHNIK® , the light materials and the heavy particles are separated by downstream separating tables. Various screening machine types are also available for a possibly necessary or required grain size fractioning. All machines can of course be produced with a food-safe surface quality, e.g. in a stainless steel design, pickled, surface blasted, or electropolished.

In addition, our plants stand out due to their maximum economic efficiency and functionality. Here, the production volume of our customers determines the structure and design of the plant of TRENNSO-TECHNIK®. And in the company’s own Technology Centre, we are able to test every requirement under real conditions.